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Rental Office

Wasatch Hills Management Company
5100 S 375 E Ste A
Washington Terrace, UT 84405
(801) 479-5920

Monday - Friday 8:00 PM to 4:30 PM



Our self storage and property management company has served the Wasatch Front for over 35 years.

Safety and Security

Our facilities are all securely gated and monitored periodically by our security staff.  We feature high intensity outdoor lighting and regular lock checks on all buildings. Our goal is to help you keep your belongings safe. We have recently installed 24 hour video surveillance at our Washington Terrace facility.

Some Helpful Tips...

 Never visit the storage facility alone.

Visit your Unit or RV on a regular basis.

Always lock your Unit or RV before you leave.

Never store items of high value.

Keep a detailed list and photos of the items you store in a secure place with your other items of importance.

Keep a spare key to the lock on your unit.

Keep to a minimum the number of people who know you have a storage unit and its location.

Insurance on the item(s) you store is your sole responsibility.

Storage of hazardous, dangerous or illegal items is prohibited.

Close and lock the gate behind you when you enter and leave the facility. Scramble the lock combination before you leave.

Report any suspicious activity to the local police immediately.

Never approach an unknown person, if you need help, call the police.

Our security staff may ask you for identification when you are inside our facilities. Our security staff will always be in marked vehicles and in uniform. Please cooperate with our security staff and provide them the information they may request so that they may match it with our records.

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